Turn your data into instant results with a BI system Tableau. Tableau

A BI system that helps to analyze large amounts of data, visualize it using interactive dashboards, and obtain useful information.

Integrated platform

Deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or integrate with Salesforce CRM. Connect to all your data with fully integrated AI/ML, data governance and management, visual storytelling, and collaboration capabilities.

Ease of use

We believe that data analysis should be about asking questions, not teaching software. With built-in visual best practices, Tableau enables limitless data exploration without interrupting the analysis process. That’s why people love using Tableau.

Reliable leader

Customers are scaling Tableau faster and more widely than ever. As a trusted partner, Tableau helps organizations accelerate innovation, improve operations, and better serve their customers. Learn how Tableau can help you realize the value of your analytics investments by leveraging your data culture.

Tableau products

Make better decisions with Tableau

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

Easily create data visualizations based on any source.
Interactive visualization. Work with hundreds of different data sources.
Tableau Server

Tableau Server

Coworking and sharing of data showcases.
Store data on your servers. Use Tableau Mobile to quickly visualize your data.
Tableau Online

Tableau Online

Select the Tableau Online functionality hosted on the Tableau facilities.
Reliable, secure, and always up to date. Use Tableau Online to quickly visualize your data.
Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep allows users to get to the analysis faster.
Helps you combine quickly. Allows you to organize and clean up your data.

Unlock the value of your data with Tableau

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Connect to a lot of data

Connect to data locally or in the cloud. Choose from over 80 predefined data sources: Big Data, SQL and other databases, Excel, or cloud applications such as Google Analytics. Access and combine disparate data without writing any code. You can rotate, split, merge, and edit data to optimize your data. Analysis starts with data. Get more out of your data with Tableau.

Put your data on a map

Answer the question “where?” as easily and quickly as you answer the question “why?”. Create interactive maps automatically. The built-in zip code database allows you to overlay data on maps of more than 50 countries in no time. Tableau maps are designed specifically to help your data stand out.


Connect to any data source
Create reports without involving the IT department
Independent interactive analysis of information by business users
Access from any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone
A wide range of data visualization tools

Tableau Server

Empowering your company with data

ableau Server allows everyone in the organization to see and understand the data, while assigning different access rights to each category of employees. Starting with ordinary users who make decisions based on data and published dashboards. Continuing with advanced users who want to compare data and look for answers to new questions. And ending with Data-geeks who create data streams by combining sources and sharing their visions with other employees and organizations.

Trials versions

For optimal management and control of the firewall.




To increase the flexibility and scalability of the cloud infrastructure.




To simplify the use of the hosting solution.


Tableau Prep

A complete picture of your data

Three coordinated views allow you to view data at the row level, profiles of each column, and see the entire data preparation process. Choose the type of interaction based on the task at hand.

Trials versions



Cost of packages

Choose the best analytics option for you

Tableau Creator

$ 900
user / year
INCLUDES: Tableau Desktop / Tableau Prep / one license of Tableau Server / Online

Tableau Explorer

Server Bundle
$ 504
user / year
From five licenses
INCLUDES: Tableau Server license

Tableau Viewer

Server Bundle
$ 180
user / year
From 100 licenses
INCLUDES: Tableau Server license

Tableau Ukraine - your partner in data culture

Top management

New ideas for business

Top management

With Tableau's functionality, you can perform more detailed analysis, going beyond standard KPI values. This will help you make informed decisions and generate new ideas.

Finance department

Clear business indicators

Finance department

The CFO's task is to determine the company's strategy and resources. To do this, he needs to process a lot of data quickly and efficiently. With Tableau, you can make the potential visible. And count on prompt and automatic report updates.

HR department

People are your most valuable asset

HR department

Visualize the relationship between productivity, hours, and tasks to accurately optimize schedules and resources. Identify the best candidates for hiring with Tableau.

IT department

Turns numbers into ideas

IT department

Tableau helps you with daily infrastructure monitoring, service desk management, and budget planning. Intuitive installation, configuration, and administration. Tableau's stability is proven even at the scale of multinational corporations.

Sales department

Sales are not just about numbers

Sales department

Tableau is easy to use, so creating data dashboards takes minutes. This means that every sales manager will have a better understanding of customers, identify promising leads faster, and predict results more accurately.

Development department

Focus on innovation

Development department

Effective development requires a combination of many factors, such as customer needs, complex operational realities, and tightening timelines and budgets. Tableau gives you insight into this information, so you can optimize release time, improve quality, and deliver an unmatched product or service to customers.

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